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Myths and Facts on Breastfeeding while Pregnant

Having children is certainly a blessing for every parent. However, young mothers often feel uneasy knowing that they are pregnant again while still breastfeeding. Can you keep breastfeeding while pregnant? Many nursing mothers feel anxious when they find out they are pregnant again. The reasons vary, it could be due to the inconvenience of caring for children, still traumatized due to pregnancy and the last childbirth, or fear of miscarriage when still breastfeeding while pregnant. Indeed many scary myths about the dangers of breastfeeding during pregnancy, which makes pregnant women finally decide to stop breastfeeding. In fact, these myths are not necessarily true you know, Bun. Come on, we peel one by one myth about breastfeeding while pregnant. Myth vs Facts Breastfeeding when Pregnant The following are some of the myths or assumptions that are less appropriate regarding breastfeeding during pregnancy along with an explanation to correct it: Myth # 1: breastfeeding during pre
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Overcome Gastric Wounds with These Natural Ingredients

Do you often feel heartburn, nausea, or often belch? This might be a sign of gastric ulcer disease. To deal with stomach ulcers, there are several natural ingredients that you can try, besides undergoing treatment from a doctor. The appearance of a stomach wound is usually caused by an increase in stomach acid which causes the inner surface (mucosa) of the stomach to erode. Gastric sores are more often experienced by older people (over 60 years). Even so, this condition can actually occur at any age. Overcoming Gastric Wounds Naturally To prevent stomach injuries from gaining weight, it is recommended that you regulate a regular diet, from mealtime to the type of food consumed. Complaints from stomach injuries often feel so annoying. Gastric sores can also develop into dangerous conditions if not handled properly. In addition to medication, stomach injuries that are still relatively mild can be treated with natural ingredients, such as: 1. White sweet potatoes According to res

Don't worry, your house doesn't need to be too clean

Are you obsessed with a house that is always clean and neat all the time? Although this is good, but a house that is too clean can actually cause babies more at risk of suffering from asthma and allergies later in life. A study shows that exposure to a small amount of bacteria and allergens from certain animals can actually reduce the risk of wheezing and allergies. Observing the Hygiene Hypothesis The 'Hygiene Hypothesis' which was first coined by Prof. David Strachan in 1989 stated that exposure to germs and certain infections of children can help the development of the body's immune system. This condition makes the body learn to distinguish asthma triggers from things that are not harmful. Exposure to certain germs is thought to make the immune system not overreact. In the study also mentioned that the immune system works similar to a baby's brain that needs to be stimulated, so that it can grow normally. Stimulation in the form of exposure to germs that makes